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Medicare Supplement Company: Humana

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Humana Medicare Supplement plans are offered in most states, and the company is well regarded and well liked. However, Humana is better known for their Medicare Advantage plans and their excellent Prescription Drug Plans than their Medicare Supplement Plans. Their Medicare Advantage plans are very popular and they offer excellent HMO & PPO options in most metropolitan areas.

Humana Prescription Drug Plans: Humana introduced the Humana-Walmart PDP last year and it was a big hit. Consumers love the low monthly premium and the formulary is extensive. The Humana-Walmart plan is back again this year and is sure to be well received. The Humana Enhanced plan is also an excellent option for people who are prescribed expensive medications.

Humana has been a trusted Medicare insurer for over 20 years, and is headquartered in Kentucky. They are a Fortune 100 company with a 50-year history in the health industry.

Professional Opinion:

Medicare Supplement plans offered by Humana aren’t very competitive from a price perspective, but they are an excellent company. Their prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans are excellent.

Consumer Opinion:

Humana has mixed reviews among consumers, but the overall consensus is positive. People love their prescription drug plans and are rather pleased with their Medicare Advantage plans as well.


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  • Fitch Ratings: BBB
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