Medicare Part F

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Medicare Part F doesn’t actually exist, But Medicare Supplement Plan F does. The Center for Medicare services has done a great job of making benefits easy-to-understand for beneficiaries. However, many people Confuse Medicare “parts” with Medicare “plans.”.

Medicare has four parts:

  • Medicare part A – Hospital benefit
  • Medicare part B – Medical benefit
  • Medicare part C – Medicare Advantage program
  • Medicare part D – Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare supplement plans are also defined by letters, A through N. The Most popular of which is Plan F.

Medicare Part F, better known as Medicare Supplement Plan F, is the Cadillac of all Medicare supplement plans. This benefit package covers all the gaps between what original Medicare pays, and what doctors and hospitals actually charge.

One of the reasons Medicare supplement plan F is so incredibly popular is because it is one of the only two plans that covers part B excess charges. As reimbursement rates to doctors continue to get cut they attempt to increase their income by not accepting Medicare assignment. Doctors who do not accept assignment can charge 15% above the approved rate. Going forward, plans that cover part B excess charges will prove to be the most sought after.