Medicare Supplement Plan F

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Medicare Supplement F

Coverage Details: Plan F is the most comprehensive option available to Medicare recipients as it covers all the gaps between what original Medicare pays, and what medical professionals actually charge. This plan pays the Medicare Part A & Part B deductible, the 20% Part B coinsurance, Part B excess charges, skilled nursing facility charges, and even has a foreign travel rider. People who purchase Medicare Supplement Plan F almost never have a medical bill, which makes this plan very easy to understand… buy plan F and never pay out of pocket for any medical expense.

Popularity: The comprehensive nature of this plan has made Medicare Supplement F the most popular option by a landslide. Of the ten standardized options available, over 40% of people who purchase a supplement buy Plan F. The second most popular plan, plan C, is purchased by approximately 13% of the population. In 25 states, more than 50% of the people who bought medigap plans purchased Plan F, with North Dakota being the highest at 91%. There are only two states, Hawaii and Alabama, where fewer than 5% of people buy Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Under Fire: Many politicians and health economists believe plan F should be eliminated or modified because it provides first dollar coverage for people who purchase the plan. They believe people who do not have co-payments or deductibles to pay use medical services more often, which hurts the Medicare system as there are more claims submitted. There have been many attempts by various political figures to modify these plans by adding co-payments or a small deductible. However, a study completed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners found people who have plans that offer first dollar coverage (Plan F & Plan C) do not seek more medical services than those who have a co-pay or deductible. For now, it seems Medicare Supplement F is safe.

Get Quote ButtonQuotes: Premiums for plan F average $181 nationwide, and often range between $155 and $197 per month across most states. There are several states, such as California, Oregon and Arizona that have lower prices, while east coast states tend to be much higher. There are several methods shoppers use to get quotes including calling insurance companies directly, searching the internet, or working with Medicare supplement brokers. If you request quotes from Medicare Supplement Shop you will get a comprehensive analysis showing prices, company ratings, pricing methods, and additional information.

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