Medicare Supplement Insurance – Compare all Plans & Prices!

Compare Medicare Plans & Prices Medicare Supplement Insurance is extremely important for people over 65 and determining which plan to purchase can be quite a challenging task. Since all Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS), it is important to shop all companies to make sure you get the very best » Read the full article

Medicare Supplement Comparison – What’s Important & How to do it!

What’s Important? Medicare Supplement Comparison is extremely important when determining which Medicare Supplement Plan you should purchase. When comparing these plans one should consider what type of plan is best for their health condition, the company offering the policy, and the method in which they purchase the plan. Ignoring any of these factors when doing » Read the full article

Where does Obama stand on Medicare and Medicare Supplements?

Obama on Medicare and Medicare Supplements Democrats are in charge of both the White House and Congress next year, which means that changes to our healthcare system are imminent.  For seniors, the two areas of focus will be Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans; this means that understanding the various Medicare supplements will » Read the full article

Affordable Care Act Great for Seniors

The Affordable Care Act Great for Seniors While conducting phone interviews with current Medicare recipients we have found the great majority of seniors don’t fully understand how they benefits or are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Furthermore, there are some conservatives who are seeing huge benefits that refuse to believe they have been » Read the full article

Medicare Cuts: Will they affect you?

Will Medicare Cuts Affect You? The answer is most certainly yes, but the real question is… How will they affect you? News outlets have been discussing Medicare cuts very often, mostly because of the upcoming election and associated smear campaigns. However, Medicare cuts are very real, and understanding how these cuts will affect you will » Read the full article

Ayn Rand & Paul Ryan: The Ultimate Idealists and Hypocrites

Rand & Ryan: The Ultimate Idealists and Hypocrites Sales of Ayn Rand’s most acclaimed novel, Atlas Shrugged, have more than tripled since President Obama was elected, and an increasing amount of Americans have since taken a very idealistic approach to benefit programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The most ideological of all may » Read the full article

Saving Lives by Solving the Drug Shortage Problem

Solving the Drug Shortage Problem Millions rely on prescription drugs as they attempt to increase their comfort, better their health, or even cling to life. The importance of prescription drugs cannot be overstated, and shortages are devastating. To make matters worse, more than half of the drugs on the shortage list are critical in nature, » Read the full article

90% Chance You are Paying Too Much for Prescriptions. A Quick Fix!

A Quick Fix for Those Paying Too Much for Prescriptions Research has shown Prescription Drug Plans are incredibly difficult to figure out, and over 90% of Medicare recipients did not purchase the most affordable plan option in 2011. In fact, on average, people who switched to the most affordable Prescription Drug Plan during the Annual » Read the full article

Social Security Increase Beats Rising Medicare Costs

Social Security Increase Beats Rising Medicare Costs The 2013 numbers are in, and all-in-all, are looking pretty good. The cost of living adjustment for Social Security will cover the slightly higher Medicare Part B premium, as well as the increased deductibles for Medicare Part A & Part B. Furthermore, as a result of the Affordable » Read the full article

The Death of Medicare Supplement Plan F

Could This Be the End of Medicare Supplement F? Medicare Supplement Plan F has been under significant pressure lately as regulators question the increased costs to our healthcare system due to insurance plans that offer first-dollar coverage. It is no secret Plan F is the most popular plan, and the most comprehensive. Approximately 20% of » Read the full article