Prescription Drug Plans 2016: Basics the same, plans will change!

Prescription Drug Plans in 2016 The Medicare Part D program has been one of the most successful government programs of all time. Since inception more than 6 million people have saved over $7 billion on prescription drugs, which means the average Medicare recipient has saved over $1000. While Medicare Part D improves slightly every year, » Read the full article

Medicare Part D Costs Stable for 2014, Fewer Doctors Accepting Medicare

Medicare Weekly Roundup Medicare Part D Premiums: While most people do not purchase drug plans with a deductible, it is worth noting people who purchase the two options with the lowest monthly premium, the Humana Walmart plan and the AARP Saver plan have actually saved more on their prescriptions than they would have had they » Read the full article

Five Mistakes Retirees Make When Turning 65

Five Mistakes Retirees Make When Turning 65 1. The most common mistake made by retirees who are new to Medicare is purchasing the incorrect prescription drug plan. These plans have many moving parts, and are not easily understood. Many factors need to be considered before enrolling including the monthly premium paid for the plan, whether » Read the full article

Affordable Care Act Great for Seniors

The Affordable Care Act Great for Seniors While conducting phone interviews with current Medicare recipients we have found the great majority of seniors don’t fully understand how they benefits or are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Furthermore, there are some conservatives who are seeing huge benefits that refuse to believe they have been » Read the full article

Medicare Cuts: Will they affect you?

Will Medicare Cuts Affect You? The answer is most certainly yes, but the real question is… How will they affect you? News outlets have been discussing Medicare cuts very often, mostly because of the upcoming election and associated smear campaigns. However, Medicare cuts are very real, and understanding how these cuts will affect you will » Read the full article