Saving Lives by Solving the Drug Shortage Problem

Solving the Drug Shortage Problem Millions rely on prescription drugs as they attempt to increase their comfort, better their health, or even cling to life. The importance of prescription drugs cannot be overstated, and shortages are devastating. To make matters worse, more than half of the drugs on the shortage list are critical in nature, » Read the full article

90% Chance You are Paying Too Much for Prescriptions. A Quick Fix!

A Quick Fix for Those Paying Too Much for Prescriptions Research has shown Prescription Drug Plans are incredibly difficult to figure out, and over 90% of Medicare recipients did not purchase the most affordable plan option in 2011. In fact, on average, people who switched to the most affordable Prescription Drug Plan during the Annual » Read the full article

5 Tips to Prevent Prescription Drug Poisoning in Children

Helpful Tips to Prevent Prescription Drug Poisoning in Your Home Doctors are writing more prescriptions than ever for many conditions including high blood pressure, chronic pain, and diabetes. As a result, medicine cabinets, kitchen counters, and dining room tables are accumulating an alarming amount of potentially harmful drugs, all of which are within an arm’s » Read the full article