Medicare Part D Costs Stable for 2014, Fewer Doctors Accepting Medicare

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Medicare Weekly Roundup

Medicare Part D Premiums:prescription money

While most people do not purchase drug plans with a deductible, it is worth noting people who purchase the two options with the lowest monthly premium, the Humana Walmart plan and the AARP Saver plan have actually saved more on their prescriptions than they would have had they purchased a non-deductible plan. Using www, for searching best plans can be good and bad, if you know how to use the website. Medicare sometimes quotes medications at a different price retail than they really cost at your local pharmacy so you really have to know what you are doing, Its not worth you trying to figure it out when you can have someone do it for you and at no cost to you.

Fewer doctors accepting Medicare:

The amount of doctors opting out of the Medicare program has tripled since 2009. This sounds alarming at first, but in reality most Medicare beneficiaries shouldn’t be worried. 9,539 doctors opted out of the Medicare program in 2012, up from about 3,700 in 2009. However there are still 685,000 doctors participating in the program, which means nobody should have any trouble getting quality care.

There is an alarming trend, however, of doctors not accepting new Medicare patients, or only accepting a limited number of new Medicare patients. Over one third of primary care physicians stated they will no longer be accepting new Medicare patients. Short term, there should still be plenty of doctors one can visit. Long term, this could be problematic. We all must remember doctors are trying to make money, and as long as Medicare is paying them fairly they will continue to accept patients. Our view is this: if Medicare identified an issue where doctors were opting out of the program in droves, they would increase reimbursement rates and the problem would be solved. Read more HERE.