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Reviewing Medicare Supplement Plans in Redding, CA

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There are 12 standardized Medicare Supplement plans offered in Redding, California, and over 25 companies offering these Policies. With over 300 options to choose from many local residents get confused. Fortunately there are local experts who specialize in Medicare plans that can be extremely helpful for those who are turning 65 or enrolling in Medicare for the very first time.

The top insurance companies in Redding are Blue Shield of California, Anthem Blue Cross, AARP, and Aetna. There are also several companies that are not as well know that have excellent prices including Stonebridge Life, Everence, and Aflac. Finding the best insurance company can be a challenge to say the least.

All Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the center for Medicare services, which means all companies offer the same plans with the same benefits. The only difference between companies is their financial stability and the price they charge for their plans. Often times, the company offering the lowest prices is the most popular for obvious reasons.

reddingSpeaking of popular, it is worth discussing the most widely our based plans. Medicare Supplement Plan F is hands down the most popular plan, mostly because it is the most comprehensive in nature. Plan F covers all the gaps between what Medicare Parts A & B pay for and the amount doctors and hospitals actually charge. The second most popular option is Plan N, which has a small deductible and $20 co-payments for office visits. Additionally, with Plan N you must pay $50 for emergency room visits as well as all Part B excess charges.

Don’t forget your prescription drug plan! There are 27 different plans available in Shasta County, and they are all very different. It is important to compare all the plans to determine which option covers your prescriptions or the lowest out of pocket amount. You want to be sure to find a plan with a small deductible or no deductible at all, and a low monthly premium.

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Companies offered in Redding, CA

Blue Shield of California
Anthem Blue Cross
AARP (by United Healthcare)
Health Net

Sterling Life
State Mutual
Oxford Life
United American
Manhattan Life
Family Life
Sentinel Security
Genworth Life
Stonebridge Life
Standard Life & Accident
Colonial Penn
Bankers Life & Casualty
Globe Life
Gerber Life
Mutual of Omaha
Assured Life
State Farm