The Fiscal Cliff – To Raise the Medicare Eligibility Age or Not?

To Raise or Not To Raise? Now that the United States presidential election is over, many people are eager to get back to their lives without fighting opponents from the other end of the political spectrum. While some people celebrate and others mourn the course of the next four years, Washington quickly settled back into » Read the full article

The Medicare Taxes, They Are a-Changing

Come gather around, people, wherever you roam; in 2013 Medicare taxes will have grown As the world counts down to the new year and jokes about the lack of Mayan apocalypse follow-through, the United States government is hard at work hammering out a budget plan for 2013 that will include several tax increases to offset » Read the full article

The $716 Billion Whopper

Now That’s a Whopper Health care is always a talking point for politicians, but in 2012 it’s been more important than ever. With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010, the American health care system has been thrown into a vicious debate between the left and right. With an » Read the full article

5 Tips to Prevent Prescription Drug Poisoning in Children

Helpful Tips to Prevent Prescription Drug Poisoning in Your Home Doctors are writing more prescriptions than ever for many conditions including high blood pressure, chronic pain, and diabetes. As a result, medicine cabinets, kitchen counters, and dining room tables are accumulating an alarming amount of potentially harmful drugs, all of which are within an arm’s » Read the full article